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Anita Brommer created Snail Mail Friends, a seasoned Snail Mailer focused on making creative Snail Mail that travels the world. Almost all of her Snail Mail goes into the orange mailbox from PostNL not far from her house in Alphen aan den Rijn (The Netherlands).

Anita Brommer - Founder

Anita Brommer


She has always had a strange fascination with stationary, pretty patterns, and stickers. At an early age, she discovered pen palling. The most creative envelopes went from mailbox to mailbox, mainly in The Netherlands and Belgium, and in her high school years, she had a lot of international pen pals.

Anita studied the bachelor program Social Work in Groningen at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences. She discovered that this was not her calling, put her certificates aside, and started working at an in-store post office. Here she was in her element, combining everything concerning mail and stationery sold in the store, pure heaven.

In 2002 she made the difficult decision to leave Groningen and move to Alphen aan den Rijn. She started working for a computer company, and mail became digital for a long time. But Mail Makes Happy, and after a hiatus, she began Snail Mailing again in 2009, and she is still going strong. But connecting to other Snail Mailers can be hard in many different ways. When communication is sometimes difficult, the art will speak for you. And that is when Anita decided to make it easier to find a Snail Mail Friend.

And this brings me to you! Because it’s you, the Snail Mailer, that has found Snail Mail Friends should experience the same “Mail Makes Happy” feeling Anita has. Snail Mail Friends is created to make the swapping experience more pleasant, connecting people with the same creative mindset, organizing your swaps in one place, and keeping track of them.

I'm all about swapping!
Find me on Snail Mail Friends, where you can add me as a friend and swap with me using the username 2imagine4.

Organizing an unexpected and delightful Random Act of Kindness Swap for us, all because of your appreciation. Just because the world can always use a little more brightness! Click here to create your swap!

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So what are you waiting for? Grab a coffee, Anita’s favorite drink, and take a look around the website and become a Snail Mail Friend!