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Swap Trackr+ made for our Platinum members

Swap Trackr+ is a unique and exclusive feature on Snail Mail Friends for Platinum members. This unique feature lets Platinum members track all their external swaps. It's the best way to keep all your swap adventures organized.

Keep all your swap adventures organized!

When you arrange a swap outside Snail Mail Friends, like on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc., it can be hard to keep track of every Snail Mail. With our exclusive feature Swap Trackr+, you can keep everything in one place. How cool is that?

  • Add unlimited external swaps
  • Shows days left till the deadline and get notified by e-mail when running late
  • Keep track of the current status and actions (photographed, shared online)
  • Option to have your swaps rated, even if your swap partner is not registered with our unique L!NKK feature
  • Get notified by SMS when the swap is received and your swap got rated (only with Swap Trackr+ L!NKK)
  • Rating system integrated with your regular Snail Mail Friends ratings (only with Swap Trackr+ L!NKK)
  • Search- and filter options to sort out your swaps
  • Move completed swaps to an archive, accessible at any time

Get your external Snail Mail rated with Swap Trackr+  L!NKK

You can use the L!NKK feature that we notify your swap partner who isn't a member of Snail Mail Friends (yet) as soon as you mark your swap as sent. Your swap partner can use our rating and feedback option absolutely free, even without registering an account on Snail Mail Friends. As soon as the swap is received by your swap partner and rated, it's automatically marked as received, and you will get notified by e-mail and SMS! The rating you receive is integrated with your regular Snail Mail Friends rating system. So we will calculate the new average with every new rating.

If you have an email address you can send the Swap Trackr+ link directly, no worries we will delete the email after sending the link. When you do not have an email address you can copy the link and share it yourself with your swap partner (social platform, e-mail, messenger).
Our L!NKK feature is included for free within your Platinum plan!

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Quick look at Swap Trackr+

Swap Trackr+