An introduction to Swap Events

Join or Host an event: Engage in captivating Swap Events, connecting with a creative community through the exchange of unique creations

Snail Mail Friends' Swap Events provides a unique opportunity for members of our platform to connect through the exchange of hand-crafted items via traditional mail. These swap events offer an engaging way to connect with new people online and establish friendships worldwide. Whether you are a seasoned swapper or new to this activity, participating in swap events allows you to showcase your creative talents, enjoy the creations of others, and form lasting connections.

Joining a Swap Event

Ready to join the creative fun? Explore a variety of swap events hosted by fellow members on our platform. Choose an event that aligns with your interests and preferences, and get ready to connect with like-minded individuals worldwide. Whether you're a crafting enthusiast, a fan of handmade treasures, or simply looking for a unique exchange experience, there's a swap event waiting for you to join.

Swap Events

Hosting Your Own Swap Event

Feeling inspired? Take the lead and host your very own swap event! As an event creator, you can choose a theme and category that resonates with you and your target audience. Set the sign-up deadline, decide on the event's scope (international or regional), and get ready to curate a creative and engaging experience for participants. Hosting a swap event allows you to share your passion for hand-crafted items and provides an opportunity to connect with fellow enthusiasts and foster a sense of community.

Create your own event

The Swap Experience

Whether joining or hosting a swap event, the experience is exciting and rewarding. Once the event is open for sign-ups, participants can express their interest and receive reminders before the sign-up deadline. After the deadline, participants will be paired with each other based on the chosen swap method (Standard or Random). Following the guidelines set by the event organizer, participants will create and exchange their hand-crafted items, leading to delightful surprises and the joy of receiving unique creations from their swap partners.

Fostering Creativity and Connections

Swap events are more than just exchanges of hand-crafted items; they are an opportunity to foster creativity, build connections, and form lasting friendships. Through these events, members can share their talents, gain inspiration from others, and discover the diverse and vibrant community of creative individuals on our platform. So, whether you're a member joining an event or hosting your own, embrace the spirit of creativity, connect with fellow enthusiasts, and let the joy of swapping enhance your creative journey.

Swap Methods: Standard and Random Swap Explanations

In a Standard Swap event, participants are matched with a partner and exchange their swaps with each other. It is essential to have an even number of participants for this option, as everyone needs a partner for the exchange. If the number of registered participants is not even on the closing date, the last person to sign up will be removed from the event.

Snail Mail Friend A Snail Mail Friend B
Snail Mail Friend A Snail Mail Friend B
Snail Mail Friend C Snail Mail Friend D
Snail Mail Friend C Snail Mail Friend D

In a Random Swap event, participants are assigned a partner to send their event swap to, but they will receive a swap from someone else. This creates an element of surprise and excitement, as participants don't know who they will be receiving a swap from.

Snail Mail Friend A Snail Mail Friend C
Snail Mail Friend C Snail Mail Friend B
Snail Mail Friend B Snail Mail Friend D
Snail Mail Friend D Snail Mail Friend A