Swap Event credits

Our platform offers several subscription plans allowing users to participate in various events and activities.

Usually, only users with a STANDARD, PREMIUM, or PLATINUM account can participate in Swap Events. However, we understand that some don't want to upgrade their account (yet). That's why we offer "Swap Event credits" as an alternative way for users to participate in these events.

A "Swap Event credit" is a special credit that allows users to sign up for a Swap Event, even if they have a BASIC account. These credits can be used to join a single Swap Event or multiple Swap Events, depending on how many credits the user has received. For example, if a user gets one credit, they can sign up for one Swap Event. If they receive two credits, they can sign up for two Swap Events, and so on.

In addition to receiving Swap Event credits, you can also earn free credits by completing certain tasks on our platform. For example, by completing three tasks, you can earn one free Swap Event credit that can be used to join an event of your choice. These free credits are not transferable and can only be used once.

What do I have to do to earn credits?

Claim free credit

Our swap credits allow Basic members to try out the swapping feature during our Swap Events and determine if it meets their needs. If they decide to continue using this feature, they can upgrade to a membership plan. The credits allow everyone to test the event feature and determine if it is worth committing to a membership.

To use your swap credits for our Swap Events, visit the event page and follow the sign-up instructions. Once you have used your credit(s), you will need to upgrade your account to continue participating in future Swap Events. If you enjoy using this feature, we recommend upgrading to a membership plan so you can continue participating in our events.

If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

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