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by <Hidden> on September 27, 2021 - 8:19 PM
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Location: Netherlands

There are many variations on flipbooks. The best know one is the envelope flipbook. Using multiple envelopes to create a beautiful design with pockets to share goodies.

To create a simple snail mail flipbook, you will need the following:

- a stack of paper or cardstock cut to the same size.

- a binding tool, such as a hole punch, binder rings, or stapler.

- decorative elements, such as stickers, stamps, or washi tape.

- a pen or marker for writing or drawing.

Cut your paper or cardstock into individual pages that are the same size. You can use any size of paper you like, but keep in mind that smaller pages will be easier to flip through.

Use your binding tool to connect the pages. If you're using a hole punch and binder rings, punch holes in the top of each page and thread the binder rings through the holes. If you're using a stapler, staple the pages together along one edge.

Decorate the cover of your flipbook. You can use stickers, stamps, or washi tape to make it colorful and eye-catching. Add pockets to the pages to include some goodies for the recipient.

When you're finished creating your flipbook, you can send it to a friend or loved one.

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