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Your Etsy Shop
by <Hidden> on September 30, 2023 - 9:58 AM
Total posts: 308
Location: Netherlands

Hello Snail Mail Friends!

We're thrilled to celebrate the incredible talents within our community. We know many of you craft exquisite handmade items or design stunning digital art. While self-promotion within the forum is against the rules, we've created this special post just for you.

Feel free to showcase your Etsy store here! Drop your shop link in the comments below and let your fellow members discover the magic you create.

We encourage everyone to explore these wonderful creations, but always exercise caution when clicking external links and leaving the safety of our community forum.

Happy shopping and supporting each other's creativity!

Founder of Snail Mail Friends, spreading happiness through Snail Mail. Making the world a happier place, one snail mail at a time ^_^