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Comparing snail mail rates
by <Hidden> on February 14, 2024 - 6:28 PM
Total posts: 308
Location: Netherlands

At Snail Mail Friends, you can set a weight limit for your mail swaps to help manage postage costs. Going over this limit is up to you of course, but not necessary.

We know snail mailing can be expensive because of high postage rates.

I'd like to know how much you pay to send mailbox packages, especially for the weights caps of:

  • 100 grams,
  • 350 grams.

Can you share the prices for your country?


For the Netherlands 🇳🇱:

Buspakje fits the mailbox.

Zonder = without and Met = With tracking

Verenigd Koninkrijk = UK

Verenigde Staten = USA

Founder of Snail Mail Friends, spreading happiness through Snail Mail. Making the world a happier place, one snail mail at a time ^_^

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